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Professional web development, training and consultancy services

I build fast, accessible, delightful portfolio websites on a freelance basis. As a performer, my speciality is media-rich portfolio sites to show off the skills of actors, musicians, dancers, comedians and other performing artists.

I am a trained actor, software engineer, and teacher. I have worked as an enterprise web developer for organisations including the BBC, Experian, and AutoTrader. I also have a Masters degree in Information Systems and Technology. I have taught business professionals one-to-one, and formal IT courses in schools. I have a current DBS.

E-mail me
to arrange a free online chat about getting you the web presence you and your talent deserve!


  • Portfolio site build
    • Personalised professional design over multiple search engine crawlable pages;
    • Working with you to build your perfect online presence;
    • Combine with hosting package or receive a zip file to deploy yourself;
    • Perfect for showing off images and samples of your amazing work.
  • Portfolio site hosting
    £4.90 per month.
    • Microsoft Azure web address;
    • Custom domain for a surcharge upon request;
    • Unlimited text updates;
    • Cancel anytime for free.
  • Landing page
    plus £2.40 per month hosting.
    • Simple, elegant, and cost-effective single page portfolio;
    • Ideal for up and coming performers.
  • Website analysis
    • Comprehensive review using professional tools;
    • User experience, accessibility, SEO, branding, and performance assessments;
    • Human-readable report of recommendations.
  • Learn to code
    £25 per hour
    • Video call with a friendly, qualified teacher and professional coder;
    • Learn web development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript;
    • Advanced Web Development tuition available: Node.js, React.js, databases and cloud services.
  • Workplace training
    starting from £50 per hour
    • Code leadership and professional development;
    • Mentoring and coaching;
    • Early software career support;
    • Usability and accessibility;
    • Public speaking and presentation skills.


  • There are affordable or even free services that let you build your own website without writing any code. Why should I hire you instead?

    These services cannot provide you with the user experience, accessibility, performance, branding, and SEO wisdom I've gained in the last ten years building websites professionally. If your site is slow to load, difficult to use or find via search engines, not responsive to different devices and screen sizes, or simply not optimised to highlight your strengths and individuality, you could be missing out on work as a result.

  • I'm on Spotlight and / or other industry networks. Do I really need a website, too?

    Spotlight is a vital tool for connecting actors with UK industry professionals and castings; having a website as well makes you easy to search for and allows international professionals to contact you, too. Plus, you can include as much media as you like, and stand out with a design made just for you and your personal brand.

  • Will I be able to update and publish the site myself?

    In order to optimise the speed, accessibility, usability, and efficiency of the site, my portfolio site build service is a static website only. This means it is only suitable for presenting information, and cannot access information from other sources. It does not include a Content Management System that would allow you to update and publish the site yourself. All requested changes to text and images will need to be e-mailed to me so I can update the code. Unlimited changes of this type are included in my hosting package. Anything other than text editing or image replacement will require a redesign. If you want a Content Management System, payment system, or other feature beyond a static portfolio, please get in touch and we can discuss your options.

  • Can I have a custom domain?

    I can purchase your chosen domain and connect it to your portfolio site as part of the hosting package. The cost will vary depending on the domain you want: you can search here to see how much. If you already have the domain and would like to discuss connecting your new portfolio to it, please get in touch and we can discuss options.

  • Can you teach me to maintain my portfolio myself?

    I'd love to! If you're interested in how web technologies work, or are already coding and would like to augment your skills, I can teach you to code for the web in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, focusing on the skills you need to keep your portfolio gorgeously impressive and usable as your career develops and web trends evolve!

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